We can help take care of your loved ones.

Book your appointments

Have you experienced having difficulty in booking for your medical appointments with your trusted doctor?  We at  Helen make it easier for you and your loved ones to coordinate the schedule of your medical check-ups, laboratory procedures and other medical services. Below are the list of services we can help you with:

  •  Booking of medical appointments
  •  Laboratory Test( Blood test)
  •  Special procedures (MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, PET/CT Scan)
  • Transportation

Order your medicines

How many times have you missed taking your meds? Or have you been worried if your loved ones are taking their meds on time? We at Helen ensure you and your loved one take your meds on time. Below are the list of services that we can provide you:

  • Order and Delivery
    •  Vaccines
    •  Medical Devices
    •  Maintenance Medicines (Meds for Chronic Diseases)
    •  Specialty Meds ( Meds for Oncology and Rare Diseases)


  •  SMS and email reminder
    • Prescription Refill
    • Health tips

Manage Your Health Records

How many times have you filled out a patient record for every different doctor that you visited? Or have you had a record off all your doctor visits and all medical procedures that you’ve been through? We at Helen consolidate and keep all your health information that will be used for future reference with full confidenatiality. Below are the list of records that we can keep for you:

    • List of Medicines
    • Laboratory results and diagnostic procedures
    • Medical history

Reach out to our Helen staff to get started.