Our story is about you and who you care for.

"Taking good care of your loved ones means doing everything for them."

One day, the founder’s diabetic and hypertensive parent was recommended to undergo a kidney transplant. She needed to manage everything; the schedules for diagnostic tests and other therapeutic procedures. She coordinated with the doctors, arranged all the appointments, and accompanied her parent during all the  medical visits. 

Her parent was brought to the ER and she saw an adult male rushed to the ER as well. Unlike her parent that has her company, the patient did not have any family with him. When the ER staff was discussing his medical history, the patient couldn’t remember all of the details. Then her parent told her, “What if no one is with you? No one reminds you of your medical history details?” 

"It’s always better to have a healthcare partner who understands."

"Having someone who knows what to do, where to go, and who to look for in a hospital  or clinic is a big help."

She realized that moment how important her presence was in administering and coordinating for her parent’s healthcare. She knew most of the time patients especially elderly are at a loss on how to navigate in the hospital to access the care they need, the care they deserve.

That’s when she realized the value of a personalized healthcare management service.

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